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Nothing bites quite like a tick.

Nothing bites quite like a tick. They may be small, but some can pack a pretty big punch. Certain varieties of ticks can carry Colorado tick fever, Heartland Virus, and Lyme Disease, which can affect you or your loved ones for the rest of your lives. Prevention and preparation are key when it comes to handling ticks. That’s why we’ve created a tick tips and tricks guide to help you tackle one of the wild’s sneakiest pests.



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Before you head outside this summer, these preventative measures may mean the difference between you and an unexpected hitchhiker.


Cutter Keep Ticks Off Use Repellant 

Use Repellent

It might seem like a no-brainer, but spraying insect repellent before you leave is the closest thing to a guarantee that you won’t encounter any ticks. Make sure to get the back of your legs, neck, and arms, too.
Cutter Keep Ticks Off Avoid Tall Grass 

Avoid Tall Grass & Plants

Ticks camp out on tall grass and plants, waiting for a chance to hop onto their prey. Stay away from vegetation to make preventative measures.
Cutter Keep Ticks Off Stay I Trails 

Stay on the Trail

If you’re going hiking, staying on the trail will minimize your contact with insects like ticks. Planning on going off the trail? Tuck your pants into your socks to keep the ticks from climbing up your legs.
Cutter Keep Ticks Off Mow Lawn 

Mow Your Lawn

Tall grass is a breeding ground for bugs. Ticks love it most of all – make sure your lawn is trimmed to cut down on tick problems.
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Check Yourself

Do a quick scan of your legs, arms, and clothing. Ticks have soft footsteps, so it’s hard to tell if one’s on you without seeing it. Going out with a friend? Check each other, especially on your back, neck, and hair.

Look Over Your Bags, Coats, and Pet

Don’t forget about your pets! If you go out with your furry friend, make sure they didn’t bring a tick with them. Also, check your backpacks, bags, coats, and other gear you’ve brought with you on your trip. Citronella is commonly used to deter mosquitoes. Using a Cutter® CitroGuard candle can provide a pleasant ambiance and excellent protection against biting mosquitoes.

Take a Quick Shower

According to the CDC, showering has been shown to reduce the risk of Lyme Disease.


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If the Tick is Still Embedded

The CDC recommends a few different forms of treatment. Using tweezers, you can grip the tick by the abdomen and pull it out. You can also use a lighter to coax the bug out of your body. Do not crush the tick with your fingers!

Clean the Wound

Thoroughly wash the wound with soap and water. Using a cotton swab, dab the area with isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean the wound.


If your tick bite stays around for more than 30 days or if the wound is shaped like a “target”, visit your local doctor immediately.